A Church in Crisis

United Methodism is at a crossroads. A special General Conference has been called for February 23-26, 2019, in St. Louis, Missouri, to address the church’s conflict over marriage and sexuality. The Commission on a Way Forward engaged in 16 months of study and meeting. It is proposing several options for resolving the conflict.

The choice before the delegates is clear. Will we continue to affirm the Bible’s teaching that God loves all persons and desires a relationship with all, and that certain human practices, including the practice of homosexuality, are contrary to God’s will and alienate us from him? Or will we change 2,000 years of church teaching in order to redefine marriage, affirm same-sex relationships, and allow practicing homosexuals to serve as ordained clergy?

We believe it is important for General Conference delegates and United Methodist members at large to understand what is at stake in the various proposals. The plan known as the “Modified Traditional Plan” maintains the current gracious and biblically-faithful position of The United Methodist Church. This website is designed to collect significant information and opinion pieces that promote the “Modified Traditional Plan.” We hope it is of service to the church.

The Latest Updates

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