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Video: General Conference Wrap Up

Video: General Conference Accomplishments 

Good News Responds to Bishops’ Appointed Commission

Video: Response to Bishops’ Proposal

Video: Wednesday Update


Focus 8: Wednesday, May 18

Statement: Good News responds to Bishop Bruce Ough statement

Bishop Bruce R. Ough. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Bishop Bruce R. Ough. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

 Focus 7: Tuesday, May 17

Video: The Week Ahead at General Conference

Legislation Report: Monday, May 16

Focus 6: Monday, May 16

Video: President Rob Renfroe Responds to Bishop’s Sermon

Focus 5: Saturday, May 14

My Brother’s Keeper by F. Willis Johson

Video: President Rob Renfroe Analyzes the Defeat of Rule 44

Focus 4: Friday, May 13

GC Delegates Decline to Adopt Rule 44
Walter Fenton on the lengthy and controversial debate

Provocations Continue: Video Message from President Rob Renfroe

Focus 3: Thursday, May 12

A Video Message from President Rob Renfroe as General Conference 2016 Begins

Focus 2: Wednesday, May 11

Focus 1: Tuesday, May 10

Hopes for the Future of The United Methodist Church
Video featuring the Rev. Madeline Carrasco Henners

Renewal Agenda for General Conference
Thomas Lambrecht on the plans of the Renewal and Reform Coalition
READ HERE: http://goodnewsmag.org/2016/04/renewal-agenda-for-general-conference/

(Photo: UMNS)

Integrity and Unity
Video featuring the Rev. Ryan Barnett

Unnecessary Rule 44
Walter Fenton on a polarizing plan for General Conference
READ HERE: http://goodnewsmag.org/2016/04/unnecessary-rule-44/

(Photo: UMNS)

A Passionate Appeal
Video featuring the Rev. Kenneth Levingston

Same Issues, Different Era
The Rev. Rob Renfroe on United Methodism’s drift
READ HERE: http://goodnewsmag.org/2016/04/same-issues-different-era/

(Photo: UMNS)

The Whole Canon of Scripture
Video featuring Dr. David Watson

Africa Initiative Plans Gathering
Pre-General Conference meeting of African delegates
READ HERE: http://goodnewsmag.org/2016/04/africa-initiative-plans-pre-gc2016-gathering/

(Photo: UMNS)

Rule 44 and Third Way
Video featuring the Rev. Rob Renfroe

African Bishops Challenge Colleagues
Walter Fenton reports on an important statement from African bishops
READ HERE: http://goodnewsmag.org/2016/01/african-bishops-challenge-their-colleagues-2/

(Photo: UMNS)

Methodism at Crossroads
Thomas Lambrecht outlines the various plans that will be introduced at General Conference
READ HERE: http://goodnewsmag.org/2016/01/methodism-at-a-crossroads/