Our Mission

Methodist Crossroads is a project of the Renewal and Reform Coalition, a collaborative effort of Good News, Confessing Movement, UMAction, the Renew Women’s Network, Lifewatch, and Transforming Congregations.

For over 50 years, evangelicals and traditionalists within The United Methodist Church have urged the church to be faithful to the biblically-based principles of its historic Wesleyan heritage. We believe United Methodism should reflect its foundation of Scriptural holiness, doctrinal faithfulness, winsome evangelism, as well as social action and advocacy in the name of Jesus Christ.

Christians all around the world are praying that the special called 2019 General Conference proceedings will be led by the Holy Spirit. We pray that the decisions of the General Conference will uphold the teachings and authority of Scripture as our primary source for doctrine and life. We pray that the General Conference will end the division in our church by fostering unity around a common Wesleyan perspective on faith in Jesus Christ, shared understandings around marriage and sexual morality, unified standards for ordained ministry, and shared practices of ministry.

As United Methodists, we are in desperate need of a season of revival, reform, and renewal. Nothing is more vital to the future of our denomination than a fresh touch from God and a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon our congregations, seminaries, boards, and agencies.