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Surveys of the Plans

The Plans’ Impact on Local Churches – Thomas Lambrecht

Human Sexuality and the Bible – Ben Witherington III (a readable and comprehensive survey of the biblical and theological evidence pertaining to human sexual behavior)

What’s in the Connectional Conference Plan? – Thomas Lambrecht

Why is an Exit Path necessary? – Thomas Lambrecht

A modest way forward – Walter Fenton (How exit provisions would help United Methodists care for each other and resolve our conflict)

The plans’ impact on missions – Thomas Lambrecht

What is a “good” witness? – Thomas Lambrecht

Conferences play hardball with exiting churches – Thomas Lambrecht

Officially or unofficially, the church will separate – Thomas Bowsher

United Methodists for a Gracious Exit (A theologically diverse group calls for a gracious exit provision)

When unity at all costs is too costly – Paul Lawler

N.T. Wright on authentic church unity – Matt O’Reilly

Just Say No to the One Church Plan – Ben Witherington III (a critique of arguments used to advance the affirmation of same-sex practices and relationships.

Supporting the Modified Traditional Plan

What is the Modified Traditional Plan? – Thomas Lambrecht

Is the Traditional Plan punitive? – Thomas Lambrecht

Are progressives punished under the Traditional Plan? – Chris Ritter

The Modified Traditional Plan: Faithful, Fair, and Gracious – Walter Fenton

Rounding Up the Usual Suspects: Evaluating Talking Points & Battle Lines Preceding GC2019 – Bob Phillips

The Traditional Plan: Lighting a new flame – Chris Ritter

Moderates should support the Traditional Plan – Mark Tooley

Four reasons for truly traditional UMC conferences – Chris Ritter

Critiquing the One Church Plan

One Church Plan: Key Issues to Think About – Timothy Tennent

What’s in the One Church Plan? – Thomas Lambrecht

What’s at stake? – Thomas Lambrecht

Seven reasons why the One Church Plan should be rejected – Timothy Tennent

The theology of the One Church Plan – Teddy Ray

Marriage and the One Church Plan – Thomas Lambrecht

.Is history an argument for the One Church Plan? – Thomas Lambrecht

Laity and the One Church Plan – Thomas Lambrecht

Responding to talking points – Thomas Lambrecht

Telling the truth to the church – Rob Renfroe (speaks to UMC leaders who seem deaf to those who say they cannot live in the church created by the One Church Plan)

The One Church Plan and the rise of the “Global South” – Luther Oconer

One Church Plan: problems of governance and theology – David Watson

A calm critique of the One Church Plan – Joe DiPaolo

Seven ways the One Church Plan impacts non-American United Methodists – John Lomperis

Episcopalians and the One Church Plan – To Thomas m Lambrecht

ELCA foreshadowing a UMC future – Carolyn Moore (The Lutheran Church gives an example of how passing the One Church Plan might affect the UMC’s future)

A Presbyterian version of the One Church Plan – Brett Webb-Mitchell

Problems with the One Church Plan – Ted Campbell

The One Church Plan: What are we voting on? – Teddy Ray (examines theological foundations)

The myth of neutrality – Matt O’Reilly (the One Church Plan can never be neutral toward issues of marriage and human sexuality)

A Home for Everyone? – Matt O’Reilly

The “Done” Church Plan – Tim McClendon

The One Church Plan: Delusions of adequacy – Chris Ritter

Augustine and Wesley on the One Church Plan – Cliff Wall

A response to James C Howell – Rob Renfroe (Explaining why the One Church Plan will tear the denomination apart)

Do United Methodists Believe in Truth? – Riley Case

The One Church Plan: A Denominational Disconnect – Riley Case